Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Skins Factory : Wall-E windows theme

tell me you can resist these :

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ben Heine : Sketched Photographs

Here are some stunning artworks by a talented Belgian artist Ben Heine, who combines the pencil drawings with photographs to produce special effects for these images. (why everything about Belgium is so detailed comical, remember those detail drawings on Tintin, Smurf, & Asterix ?)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Garbouz : kids & family photo specialized

via : garbouz livejournal

Garbouz : photopile winner

via : photopile livejournal

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Istanbul Grand Bazaar

if i had the opportunity to visit Istanbul,
will definitely pay a visit,
such an exotic city to me.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Zoe's Bag : wallet on a string

Interior of this very useful wallet :
Durable black 400 denier poly pack cloth, stain resistant, water repellent, Pocket edges taped, velcro closure, 2 zippered pockets, 1 open pocket, 1 pocket for paper money, A divided pocket includes a wallet window for your i.d., credit cards & photographs, Two pockets easily accommodate the iPhone

Missus D : feature of favorites

very nice photo.
via : missus D

Tocca : nice Handbags

Musings of a Night Owl : blue & white top

quirky geometrically nice :D

Musings of a Night Owl : blue & white pillow

I'm hypnotized by this bold fabric. love it.

Craftzilla : easter eggs

via : glue gun crafts with craftzilla

Guide to Art Schools : 50 must-c print design blogs

There's no better way to stay up on print design or to get inspired for your own creations than to check out these 50 awesome print design blogs.

We've searched high and low to find the best blogs for you, and we came up with this list. We picked out these ones because they demonstrate pure talent, are updated regularly, and above all, get the creative juices flowing.

Our Favorite Five - The Rest of the Best

Our Favorite Five

  1. Design Shard: Design Shard serves as a resource to designers—sharing tips, resources, and inspiration.
  2. Grain Edit: Grain Edit focuses on print design from the 1950s through 1970s. The blog includes interviews, articles and rare epemera, type specimens, books, and posters.
    • Why we Love It: Grain Edit showcases an impressive collection of vintage images and modern designs that evoke the same emotions.
    • Check it out: Istanbul Luggage Label
  3. Print & Pattern: Print & Pattern is a UK-based blog that discusses all aspects of printed patterns on paper, stationery, textiles, books, and tableware.
    • Why we Love It: Print & Pattern takes a broader approach with design media than other blogs. Also, the photos are clear, colorful, and visually interesting.
    • Check it out: FABRICS - alice apple
  4. the Dieline: The Dieline covers packaging printing and presents examples of packaging design from around the world.
    • Why we Love It: The Dieline presents interesting examples of packaging design that most readers would not see elsewhere. The "Student Spotlinght" showcases innovative package design by various artists.
    • Check it out: Student Spotlight: Ashley Lewis
  5. Wanken Blog: Wanken is the moniker of Shelby White, an artist that dabbles in multiple fields including photography, design, and music.
    • Why we Love It: This blog showcases a staggering variety of design media, from paint colors to album covers. Each post includes clear, detailed photos and analysis of the images.
    • Check it out: The Colors of Mid-Century Modern

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The Rest of the Best

  1. A Print a Day: The author shares her prints, as well as blog posts on print artists, inspiration, and craft ideas for using print patterns.
  2. A Printmaker's Blog: A Printmaker's Blog discusses the design methods, printmaking, paper, inspiration, and more.
  3. Ad Goodness: Ad Goodness showcases the best and worst advertising design from around the world.
  4. All Graphic Design: This blog covers all areas of design, including brochures, catalogs, business cards, print advertisement, and packaging and label design.
  5. Andrew Kelsall: The blog is written by a designer and discusses the design and marketing process for print, poster, web, and graphic design.
  6. Book Design Blog: This blog discusses all aspects of book design, including typography, page layout, cover art, and more.
  7. Burnishings: Burnishings explores the tools, processes, and artists behind printmaking.
  8. Card Observer: Card Observer is all about business card design, and covers texture, color, and innovation.
  9. Colourlovers Print Blog: Colourlovers shares colors, patterns, and pallettes as references and inspiration for print design.
  10. Cool Hunting: Cool Hunting is updated daily and showcases the best in design, including print, interior, graphic, fashion, packaging, and illustration.
  11. Creative & Live: Creative & Live is an independent magazine about illustration, design, advertising, and photography.
  12. Creative Fluff: Design Fluff discusses print design, digital art, games, news and events, and other design-related topics
  13. Creative Review Blog: By the authors of Creative Review magazine, this blog covers all areas of visual design, including, print, web, art, and more.
  14. The Design Cubicle: The author, Brian Hoff, offers tips and resources on print, graphic, and web design, as well as branding and marketing.
  15. Design Muse: Written by a packaging designer, Design Muse share inspiration with other designers.
  16. Design O'Blog: The author is a web designer, graphic designe,r and illustrator.
  17. Design Sites Up: Design Sites Up showcases a collection of the best in various areas of design, including print advertising, cards and invitations, business cards, annual reports, and packaging design.
  18. Dolce Press: The author, a stationery designer and business owner, shares her inspiration with other print designers.
  19. Dzine Blog: Dzine provides inspiration to designers, discussing print, packaging, business cards, illustration, and more.
  20. Eighty One Design Blog: Eighty One Design covers various aspects of design, including branding, logo design, print design ,and web design,
  21. Eye Magazine Blog: The blog of Eye Magazine discusses all aspects of print design, including posters, newspapers, magazines, typography, and design history.
  22. Floating Ink: Floating Ink discusses the art process in regard to print making, painting ,and other media.
  23. Form Fifty Five: Form Fifty Five provides news and inspiration for designers.
  24. FPO: For Print Only: FPO showcases print design projects and celebrates the idea that print design is not dead.
  25. Freshly Blended: The author is a graphic designer and indie crafter who shares inspirational images with other deisgners.
  26. How Blog: The blog of How Magazine covers print design, web design, illustration, photography, and other design-related topics. It has interviews, articles, and informative posts.
  27. I Believe in Advertising: I Believe in Advertising covers the best in advertising and marketing from around the world. The blog covers print and posters, television, viral designs, and other forms of advertising.
  28. I Love Typography: This blog is dedicated to typography, type design, and lettering.
  29. Laissez Faire Designs: Laissez Faire Design presents inspirational designs from all media from all around the world.
  30. Blog: MagCulture discusses editorial design in all types of magazines and newspapers.
  31. My Postcard Printing: This blog discusses design possiblities and uses for postcards.
  32. New Zealand Art Print News: This blog discusses art prints by artists from New Zealand, as well as printmaking and duplication techniques.
  33. Pearsonified: The author is a graphic and print designer who gives advice to other designers on how to manage their website and business.
  34. Pop Elegantiarum: Pop Elegantiarum explores design from a pop culture perspective, and discusses print, packaging, illustration, film, and more.
  35. Print Create: Print Create presents design tips, printing tips, tutorials, and inspiration for graphic and print designers.
  36. The Print Design Blog: This is an Australian blog covering pre-press, graphic design, and print design topics.
  37. Print Fetish: Print Fetish presents news, reviews, and commentary on editorial design in handmade books, independent magazines, small-print comics, and more.
  38. Sub-Studio Blog: Sub-studio showcases interesting design and designers from around the world in print, packaging, furniture, jewelry, architecture, and more.
  39. Things to Look At: Things to Look At covers art and design in magazines, newspapers, letterpress printing, book design, illustration, and more.
  40. Typographica: Typographica presents reviews and commentary on typeface.
  41. Up, Up the Blog: The author is an indie crafter who discusses the paper, printing, and design business.
  42. Vandalog: Vandalog covers all forms of street art, including print releases of street art.
  43. Well Medicated: Well Medicated shares advertisements, illustrations, and other forms of print design.
  44. Whack Design Blog: Whack Design blog covers print, web, and motion design, offering case studies, featured artists, news, and more.

Christina Pobke : sleeping baby

I'm a little bit obsessed with photography lately, wedding-baby&kids-details-weird-beautiful stuffs. Not that i captured by myself, but stumble upon others' showcase. When browsed through ribbons of red design studio, I found another amazing photographer, Chistina Pobke with her POBKE Photography whose logo & blog designed by ribbons of red. This one is a peacefully best capture of baby photo.
via : ribbons of red design

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dessert for Breakfast : forest-inspired cake

mesmerized by the dramatic photographs

Beelzebebe : under patchwork

can't help not to post thisvia : beelzebebe