Monday, February 22, 2010

icoeye : book & jacket & bookmark

via : icoeye

Natty Michelle : princessa bedroom

b-splendid : Triple Patchwork Bed

oh gawd... so cute...
but somehow, looks like in a nice orphanage, don't you think so?
via : just be splendid tumblr

b-splendid : Stairs off-to-go Dresser

I love the color, very soft.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


So, I was tidying up my room and found some neglected souvenir-posters in the very dusty corner of my drawer....and I think it is time for them to find their more-proper-master who will take care of them with love and hugs....
If anyone of you care to have one of this as yours, please just let me know via comments. I'll give it for FREE! you just have to pay for the delivery charge (if I'm not handed it to you by myself).

Oh, please do share this link with your friends :)

Click the pic for larger images and here's caption :

1. Banana
310x445 mm

2. Unleashing Creativity
460x605 mm

3. Bear Cubs
680x480 mm

4. Orang Utan
(by hp)

320x465 mm

5. Spices
(by hp)

325x465 mm

6. Supermarket Plaza Design 2003
(by Binus)

360x675 mm

7. Fresh n Brite 2004
(by Binus)
700x505 mm

8. Disease Plaza Design 2005
(by Binus)

870x405 mm

9. Demand
(by Cicero)

700x405 mm

10. Mask & Flowers
(by Fortuna Fancy)

600x960 mm

11. Lotus
(by Fortuna Fancy)

600x960 mm

12. 2008 Wall Calendar
(by Jayakarta Offset)

980x140 mm
So, I am part of the team who designed this during my internship.
But I have 2 of this and thinking it will be nice to share it 1 to other.

13. Respect Life
(FDGI-Binus-Bali 2005)

600x900 mm

14. Mother Earth Blues
650x500 mm

15. Color Chart Chrome
(by PT. DIC Graphics - 021-4613525)

@ 20x25 mm

Thursday, February 11, 2010

omlet : Eglu

Want to have a fresh dairy eggs? You might want to consider buying this cute sleek compact pod called Eglu. uuuuuu..... reminds me of Harvest Moon, a role-playing video game about farm life. However, this also look like one of those that you can find in The Sims, a life-simulation computer game. Well, the biggest consideration before buying this is probably about the avian flu. hahahaha....
via : kitchen critic a site with lots of cute, twisted & urban daily products.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

siluetkucing : contemplating puppy

i want to H U G you tightly to let you know that everything is gonna be alright
A N D bring you home to take C A R E of yo U.

siluetkucing : comfort pillows

oh, wanna have this cozy spot. via : siluetkucing

Friday, February 5, 2010

giddygiddy : lovely ornament ball

Oh gosh! These balls could be lovable even more if only they had those liquid and fake snow inside it. I always love glass snow ball. Something magical when you see through it.
mandblog sells them

giddygiddy : DIY wall calendar

find the DIY steps @ giddygiddy